Zero ust at anchor

hi, can not see my ust on anchor protocol , what is happening ?

I was panicking too but it looks like the staked amount is returned to wallet. Check in terrastation, choose luna classic network and then add tokens ust, aust to view balances

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Nice name, cryptonited!
So many ways to look at it!
First Superman and also crypto knighted!

My question to you:
Did you have any staked in Anchor Earn at 20%?
That’s the USTC I’m looking for…
Unfortunately, I left mine staked.
Until recently, it still showed in Earn…
So, I have aUST in my wallet, no USTC…

Did you get back the UST you had staked?
Thanks much for helping!

Now doesn’t even work any more…

is more difficult to sell it and the price is going down further…

all of us were scammed by do kwon… same story, terra classic explorer does not show any transaction and no aUST