aUST no longer showing in Anchor

I can no longer view my aUST on the anchor site. I use safe pal and it was showing up in there two days ago and then it just vanished. When I went to access the anchor site through my SP wallet it wasn’t showing up on Anchor. This happened before due to some upgrade but that only happened for a day. We are going on 3 days now. Anyone know what is going on? Solutions?


Same problem here… I checked it a while ago and it wouldn’t let me withdraw so I gave up at that time… thought I’d have another go today and my Anchor Protocol page is as if I’d never been there.

I tried going to Astroport, and I was able to link and see some of my assets like ANC and aUSTC, but the UST under MY PAGE on Anchor P site, and everything else there is at 0.

Also keen to see if it’s gone forever or there’s a way to find it on Astroport… cheers

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I have same problem. It’s been 3 days since your post and they haven’t fix it. I tried sending an email but it didn’t go through. It says the email doesn’t exist or it can’t get mor emails. I couldn’t find a way to contact this people .-.

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How were you able to see your assets on Astroport?

There is a fee of 0.97$ to do the swap, but i just have 0.5$ and if i want to send from binance to terra wallet ustc it’s at least $200 :o
I just need 0.5$ There is a hero here?

Is there any other alternative? Astroport / Terraswap have a massive slippage on aUST/UST. I was wondering if there is a way to interact manually with Anchor’s contracts…

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i just by chance checked my terrastation wallet and added tokens ust and aust. I can see a aUST balance which i think was previously staked with anchor. So i guess, they must have unstaked and returned. Their lack of comms is annoying tbh

If you have already ensured that you have the latest version of the Safe Pal wallet, verified the wallet synchronization, checked the correct wallet address and network, and refreshed you wallet. I recommend to contact with safe pal support team directly