Ust is gone in anchor protocol

I haven’t interact with anchor protocol since it’s exploited, but I haven’t unstake any UST. Wouldn’t be all my UST is still staking, except no APY? Please help I want to retrieve my UST from anchor protocol

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same story, i can not see my deposited amount of ust at anchor protocol.

Anyone know why?? Please help

I am in the same boat! Made a post about this also a couple weeks ago but still no solution to problem.

I wish someone in this community can help, if anyone of you knows the answer. Much appreciated

Reach out to the support team on the official website

Has anyone received word from anchor support?

i just had the same question. took a bit of googling

it appears that it was all withdrwn from the protocol
head to your Terra wallet.
click add tokens
search for aUST and add it to your wallet

showed up for me

Edit: Classic Net ofcourse. top right gear


Thank you, your reply helped me find my funds