How to get aUST out of Anchor?

Pre-crash, I had a lot of aUST in Anchor Protocol. If I look at my Terra Station wallet in Classic network, it’s still there. I am trying to find a way to withdraw it. I can click on the aUST and a “Send aUST” screen comes up. The problem is, it wants to charge a 0.25 UST transaction fee, and that UST has to be in my wallet, not on deposit in the form of aUST. So I have 0 UST to pay the 0.25 UST transaction fee. And I can’t figure out a way to get 0.25 UST. I don’t think it’s possible to buy UST anymore, and even if I could, how would I get it to the Classic network rather than the Mainnet network?

You can buy ustc on binance and send it to your wallet

I have a Binance acocunt, but it looks like they don’t sell USTC anymore. I can’t find anyone who does. Has anybody on here successfully purchased USTC recently, and if so from where?

You can also buy it from Kraken or KuCoin.

Thanks duncanday, I will try that.

FYI everyone, somebody named “hungmei” PMed me soon after I posted this and claimed that he is an Anchor Dev, and that I can solve all my problems by connecting my wallet to some website that’s “an official tool” to help people. He claims he can’t post this publicly because imposters might create copy links, and that only Anchor Devs can PM. I don’t believe any of it.

Update, in case this helps anyone: I was able to get my aUST to Kraken. Here’s what I did:

  1. I connected my Terra Station wallet to In order to do this, I had to install the mobile Terra Station wallet and use that to scan the Wallet Connect QR code in It was flaky and didn’t work one day, but did work the next.

  2. Once the wallet was connected, further down the My Page in under Earn, I was able to withdraw my aUST from Earn. Then I could see my UST under “UST” at the top instead of under “Deposit”.

  3. I used the Send button at the top to send my UST to Kraken. Then in Kraken I was able to sell UST for dollars. (I wanted to actually realize the loss this year for tax purposes, rather than just have aUST/UST sitting there as unrealized losses that are never going to come back.)

The mobile wallet was essential because at various points in this process, you have to enter a password, and I didn’t have a password for my desktop Terra Station wallet. Only the mobile wallet made me set up a password.

I tried all this first with a small amount to make sure it worked, then I sent the remaining.

I hope this helps somebody.


I am trying the step 1. I could generate QR code in []. But, I do not find the scan option in the mobile Terra Station wallet app. Could you please indicate where to find it?

Thanks for your help.

I don’t remember exactly, because I couldn’t get it to work at first, and then somehow I figured it out. Now when I go into my mobile Terra Station wallet, here is what I am seeing. Hopefully this will work for you.

  • At the top right I click on terrastationwallet
  • Now a screen appears at the bottom, and it has a choice at the bottom “+ Add a wallet”
  • I click on that and then on “Recover wallet”
  • Then there are 2 choices, “Use seed phrase” and “Scan QR code”. Choose “Scan QR code”.
    Hopefully then you will be able to scan the Wallet Connect QR code in

Thanks, I could manage to do the step 1.
But, I am stuck on step 2 as I can not see the UST in [] → 0 UST.

I can see these aUST in both mobile Terra Station wallet and desktop Terra station wallet. So, I tried TFM in order to swap, but it shows balance=0 USD. Even on Terra Station wallet, after clicking on aUST, I can see all my aUST but balance is 0 USD.

Is there anyone who has the same issue and has an idea on how to solve it?


How do I swap aUST for UST??

Hi Vacha, my name is Peter.
Did you manage to get your aUST out of anchor or swap for ust ?
I got the same problem, much appreciated if you can help.



Unfortunately no. If someone could help

This is a capture of TFM webapp. As previsouly said, it shows " balance: 0 $". I am well connected on Terra classic. And I repeat, I can see these aUST on the Terra Station wallet, but somehow it is considered as 0$

You’re looking in Terra Station wallet in Classic network? That’s how I was able to see mine.

Yes Terra Station wallet in Classic network.
As said previously, I can see them, but the issue is that I can not swap them when I connect the wallet TFM webapp or in Anchor protocol.
For example, I can see 2000 aUST in Terra Station wallet in Classic network, but it shows 0$ in TFM webapp or 0 UST in Anchor protocol.

Are you able to report to the support team?

Vacha are you looking further down the My Page tab in Anchor Protocol, under Earn? Mine was showing $0 at the top, but all of it was visible under Earn.

I see 0 under Earn (and everywhere else in Anchor). I can see I have the right amount of aUST on my wallet though. The problem is that we can’t convert it back to UST using Astroport or Terraswap without incurring a massive slippage!

I suspect it’s just an UI issue in Anchor; if they fixed it we could all withdraw our aUST. Alternatively, we could do it by writing on the right smart contract manually, but I don’t know which one is the contract neither what I would need to write on it. If anyone has any ideas many of us would appreciate it!

Or… another option is that the LFG fulfills their pledge they made and compensate us the remaining UST holders, including those of us who are stuck in Anchor (aUST) with USDC or another stablecoin.

I see 0$ everywhere in Anchor Protocol.