No tokens showing in Anchor Protocol Dashboard?

Hi all

Logged into anchor protocol dashboard for the first time in a while and have no tokens displayed.

No ANC nor UST.

How can I find where these tokens are please?

I have the same problem to see UST in Anchor Portal too. However, you can see your aUST in Anchor Portal in your Terra Station wallet or Rebel Station wallet (in the wallet, add aUST in your wallet).

Indeed. The problem though is to get out of aUST without incurring a massive slippage. If you try to swap aUST for any coin (including USTC) in any dex afaik, you end up losing most of it.

We need a way to actually get out of Anchor using their smart contract, so that we can get the right amount of USTC. Anchor’s issue seems to me UI related only, as the assets appear to still be in there. It would be great if someone could let us know how we can withdraw our USTC manually.

Totally agree with RedJose!
Stupid me!
Should’ve withdrawn from Anchor Earn!
USTC can still be sold at around 2¢
But you can’t sell aUST….

Who can we contact about this issue?
Any ideas from Community would be super appreciated!!!