My ust disapeared a week ago

I had 400k usd in anchor on avax, i tried to withdraw and it disappeared. anchor balance says 0 and my wallet says 0. It does say pending on anchor website but transaction is confirmed.

im not able to get help via discord.
im not able to get help on telegram.

Can someone help me? ive lost at least 50k usd just by waiting on this now as ust price sinks.

i dont even get how this is possible, who has my UST?

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I was offered help by a scammer. User sandeep. Still waiting

edit: i obv declined help from the scammer

Then you are scammed. The fund is lost.

i wasnt scammed. all ive done is attempt to withdraw my ust from the official anchor website.

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DK & his associates don’t care about users and community.

Hi sorry to hear about your issue hope you can get it resolved. I have funds in Anchor protocol on Avalanche chain and I am wondering what I need to do now to get compensation? Do i need to withdraw akd bridge back to Terra or will Anchor ust on Avalanche chain be included in snapshot? I have unsuccessfully tried to join discord. Any help from anyone who knows would be appreciated


can anyone help me? Seriously it was 408k

i got my ust finally. probably lost 100k-200k usd at least by not getting any help when anchor ate/stole my coins. now i have to sell at 0.05 per coin.

imagine that, how little fuucks terra/anchor give, they could have helped me days ago but didnt care so therefor i lost perhaps even more than 200k USD

TFL has no interest in helping the users and community. They even quickly implemented some hack in Mirror protocol to lock up millions of millions UST.

I have the same you, I wait 5 days to get ust back, by the way, do you think we can get airdrop from them as we hold aust(wormhole) on avax beofore.


i also got user sandeep DM me to offer help.