aUST in Anchor, did not receive airdrop

I had pre-attack aUST held in Anchor Earn of far less than 500k. I still have not received the air drop. What do I need to do?


Same here. No airdrop.
Looked for help/advice. Only got scammers pointing at their link inviting you to connect your wallet and provide private/passphrase/json keystore.
Some holders here and there say they got the airdrop in Anchor. How can they see them?

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Look on Terra finder but use Classic on your extension.
They show up, with the exact day the will be released, for example Nov 24

Thks. I thought i deleted my post as I had found all 3 dates (30% at genesis plus vestings later on).
I thought my airdropped luna were down to my post UST in my terra wallet (not anchor deposit pre-attack) but look at a calculator and realised its all i will get.
If anyone wonders:
1.find and use the airdrop calculator online
2. Go to terra finder and put your address in. It should show the drop and future ones

Thanks, that worked!