aUST on avax airdrop

Maybe im wrong but if I held aUST in THE ANCHOR PLATFORM on avax im not eligible for the luna airdrop?..

Little summary:

i wasn’t able to sell because the anchor platform froze my cashout of 400k ust, for no known legitimate reason, as the depeg happened. Funny timing. I received zero help causing me further losses. About 200k- 300k usd.

Then magically when the value is below 0.05usd someone sends me my 400k ust (lol)
And then for also unknown reasons im not eligible for any airdrop?
Meanwhile im getting dumb messages from about 3-4 scammers who are seemingly allowed to operate on this forum freely.

Still waiting for a single comment FROM ANYONE involved in Terra and/or anchor…

I think its important people know just how little they care. Im left here wondering if Anchor team sold my ust and then waited until the coin was practically worthless to reimburse me.


I am concerned they don’t run away with everyone’s bonded assets