aUST Disappeared from my account

My aUST is no longer showing up under My Page. I have checked also to make sure that I am on the Terra Classic Chain which I am.

Go to your wallet at Terra Station (or Rebel Station) and then select the drop-down under “Assets.” Search for aUST then select it. It should have been withdrawn automatically from the contract.

You can then source some UST liquidity from Astroport (

I am able to see my aUST in my Terra Station mobile wallet but not the desktop wallet. So maybe try your mobile Terra Station wallet?

thanks Duncanday. Could you kindly elaborate more the " drop down under " asset " " part pls? i can not find anymore my USTC on terra station - Classic Network has beedn checked as well .

Yes! Under your wallet, scroll to the bottom.

Then, find the Add Tokens > on the right-hand side (top).

Click the + sign to add aUST to your wallet.

It will now show up under the tokens page!

Make sure you are on classic network! This can be changed in the Wallet settings on the extension drop-down.

Many Thanks - mission accomplished!
very kind of you

There is a fee of 0.97$ to do the swap, but i just have 0.5$ and if i want to send from binance to terra wallet ustc it’s at least $200 :o
I just need 0.5$ There is a hero here?