Unstake Issue (Dao Maker Protocol and EthAnchor Protocol)

After multiple conversation with Dao Maker Mod and Anchor Protocol Mod, I have not been able to get clear answer on what has happened to the funds I staked. I staked USDC (ERC20) on May 3rd using Dao Maker protocol. The protocol uses ethanchor to deposit in Anchor protocol stable coin farm. I unstaked my funds on Dao Maker on May 8th and the transaction for withdrawal was shown successful after I paid the gas fee. I never received my funds and have been trying to find out where is my funds disappeared. Dao Maker protocol says that funds may take upto 24 hours after withdrawal to transfer to my wallet, it never arrived. I have put in multiple request through their support page and also in telegram and have not been able to get straight answer. Since I unstaked my funds before the UST was depegged and Anchor Protocol was halted, I am supposed to get my funds. Below are the response I have received from Dao Maker. I just want to find out if the transaction is truly pending either at Anchor stable coin farm contract or Dao Maker is not releasing the funds.

Response from Dao Maker Team: May 9th (within 24 hours of my unstaking)
​Depends how loaded is ETH network.
Please check again, maybe you did not confirm on your wallet unstake and tokens are still staked in the smart contract.
my response: The transaction is approved and sent them the trx hash

Response from Dao Maker Team: May 11th
Thanks. Our blockchain team is investigating your wallet.
Thanks for your patience.

Response from Dao Maker Team: May 25th

First of all we would like to apologize for the inability to withdraw your funds from the stablecoin farms due to the collapse of the Terra Ecosystem. We would like to remind you how our stablecoin farms operated and what made it impossible to withdraw your stable coin farms. We would like to kindly remind you that we had all FAQ materials on our website next to stablecoin farms deposit option to show you exactly how stable coin farms operated and that you have agreed and understood the disclaimer pop-up that was shown to you before your initial deposit to the farms.

By staking your stablecoins into the smart contracts (Stablecoin farms) they were then converted to Wrapped UST on ETH Anchor and then deposited to the Anchor protocol to farm yield. Since it implied that there is a physical stake of the wust in anchor protocol, there was a significant risk that in case the whole Terra ecosystem collapsed there would be an inability of us to withdraw the wrapped UST from the Anchor protocol,

Due to that it happened quite immediately and there was a rapid collapse of Terra-blockchain, the operations of our stablecoin farms were interrupted and because our smart contracts were not-upgradable we could not manually withdraw all the wUST from the Anchor protocol while the collapse of Terra Ecosystem was happening.

It might have resulted in partial or complete loss of funds, but due to Force Majeure circumstances that happened with the Terra project and at some point a full halt of their blockchain operations we could not perform any actions to withdraw your funds. We do understand your concern, and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

CS Team