Still possible to withdraw UST on Terra?

Is it still possible to withdraw UST on my Terra wallet ? I always get an error message

I am wondering the same thing. Is the money I have in earn completely worthless despite what the amount says?

It looks like it never passed, even with a 67.89% pass rate???

Terra Station

Terra Station

So nothing was done at all to save UST from depeg ??

Well, if we could get out of Anchor, we would still be able to receive at least 10% of our investment ! But I always get this error message : impossible to broadcast transaction, invalid hex string


UST is about 0,10$ today. Still something to be saved. But completely locked on Anchor. Anyone can help ? Or is Anchor definitely frozen ?

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Scam-ignore, note the bogus url.

Please be informed! —

“Every month, TFL cashed out tens of millions of dollars for salaries and operating expenses. This went into hard money like USD, BTC and SGD. At their peak, TFL’s 70 employees were receiving $180,000,000 monthly.”

…All of this money was taken directly out of the LUNA market cap (which was supposed to stabilize UST)…"

(1) FatMan on Twitter: “:thread::point_down: Do Kwon and Terraform Labs defrauded the retail public of hundreds of millions of dollars that they currently still have . It came out of the pockets of LUNA & UST holders and went into their wallets. Here’s why you should be mad, and here’s what you can do about it. :thread::point_down:” / Twitter


’ you’re in a very unique position in which your actions will define stable coin policy — you are basically as powerful as the regulators in the countries in which you live, as whatever lawsuits etc you file will define years of case law on stable coin regulation. ’

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