Traded my aUST for mim and lost my savings in the Anchor protocol

I had deposited $3400 into Anchor about 2 weeks ago. I had read that I could take aUst and trade for MIM and then back to UST to deposit in Anchor to earn more yield. In the process my $3400 in Anchor dissappeared. Is there a way to get it back. Scared!

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the aUST is the token that is your savings. It gains yield, gradually going up in value per aUST every block. If you move, sell, transfer the aUST token, you’re moving the savings.

If you have the UST that you used on MIM still, all you have to do is deposit it again in Anchor and it’ll be aUST again and show up as savings.

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We have reached the peak, time to sell now


Lmao no it’s time to buy if people are dumping aust onto the market.

thank you for response. I swapped aust for mim on terra swap and then mim back to ust on terra swap. where would I go to get aust back?

Deposit it in Anchor Earn like you did the first time.

The problem is that my wallet is only showing a balance of $25 ust and 21.95 aUST

did you lose value in your trade using MIM? by transferring your aUST to MIM you were using it, if you lost value then it’s gone.

I never used MIM so I don’t know how it works. if you only were able to withdraw 25 UST then that’s all you have left.

Yes I did notice it was losing value, but how could it take $3400.

That’s the “magic” in “magic internet money.” You are helping Daniele Sesta and his gang of convicted felons to your money.

Why would anyone put any money in such a scam and mix in with drug money, and take the tremendous risks that are associated with it, I will never understand.

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I know that it was heavily leveraged, like leveraging on leveraged money and then leveraging on that… and even more levels deep. and because of that, any small movement is multiplied, a lot.

Sorry to bring you the bad news.


Ouch, didn’t realize

If you’re curious, this is the person behind MIM/abracadabra. Quite worryingly, endorsed and welcomed to Terra/Anchor by TFL and Do Kwon publicly (and it’d be very hard to believe that he did not know the criminal associations, or the nature of the effectively ponzi scheme, of someone TFL ended up “printing” 1B+ UST for, or that in all that process they wouldn’t deal with the shady Tether/Bitfiniex Devasini, who is the CFO in these Sesta ventures).

I think in the future better not mix your hard-earned money with such well known criminals’ schemes. If it sounds too good to be true, you know it’s not true.

and better written here

Just turn everything you have into UST and deposit on Anchor for aUST.

I recommend not trying whatever leverage strategy your trying to do it sounds like you don’t have enough experience and can lose all of your money. Just leave it in anchor and hold the aUST.

You probably already lost a few dollars trying to do whatever it is your trying to do.

Is my wallet safe or was it hacked by this mim coin

I can’t guarantee the safety of your wallet. Which crypto wallet do you use?

this happened on terra stations wallet

I would consult with them about weather your wallet is compromised. You can find their discord on the official website.

You tried buy back aUST on Loop Finance if works?

Who are you? Why do you keep putting links to outside sites that are not official anchor sites?

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