Deposit token (aUST) Transferable to New Wallet?

Hi, are Anchor Protocol deposit token (aUST token) directly transferable to a new wallet?

Deposit UST to Anchor savings
Receive aUST tokens.
Can I transfer aUST directly to new wallet?

must withdraw first as UST, move UST to new wallet and re-deposit?


You can transfer aUST to another wallet directly, no need to withdraw

Awesome! Thanks for your prompt reply! :grinning:

However once you move the aust to another wallet it will no longer be considered a deposit to EARN and it will no longer get the interest that it was when it was deposited in EARN. Unless you redeposit the aust to EARN with the new wallet.

This is wrong.

aUST takes value overtime whenever it is in your wallet, in someone else wallet, or in Mirror as collateral.

If he send ~456 aUST to someone else, the other wallet owner will have ~500 UST in the EARN section. There is no need to deposit again.