Regarding ANC-UST LP staking

Hello, Can anyone help me with this?

This is my first time to stake Anc-UST LP. I followed the steps to stake ANC-UST LP. However, after I completed the last step, I noticed that it’s 0 lp in the column of “staked”, but the stakable amount was shown in red. What shall I do now?

Thanks so much!

And I saw “aUST” in my terra wallet. What is that? Can you anyone help me? Thanks so much in advance!

Now you need to click on the dots to the right and stake the amount you see in red.

Resolved. Thank you! If it’s staked, why does “aUST” amount still shows in the wallet? It seems like the “aUST” amount can be sent out. Thank you!

In addition to your LP staking, did you desposit some UST for interest? If so, I think the aUST is basically represents your UST deposit and gives you rights to the interest from that deposit. I think if you were to send that somewhere else, and get rid of it, you wouldn’t be able to retrieve your UST deposit, but I could be wrong.

Ok, thank you very much!

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