ANC-UST LP balance has vanished in the last few hours

Hi, I made my 1st transaction into the ANC-UST LP pool 2 days ago & have been regularly checking the reward balance, including earlier today.

I have just logged onto Anchor & the balance has vanished. I have used “” to view all transactions & confirm that the last transaction relating to the ANC-UST pool was me staking the LP balance 2 days ago.

My Earn balance & all other transactions are accurate. Would greatly appreciate any help in understanding what is going on here.


This is going on with mine as well.

I had an LP balance of about ~48, and when I just checked it was all missing, except I had 3ish LPs available to stake.

I’m trying to go through forums to see if there may be an explanation, but nothing yet.
I know that the switch to Astroport may have something to do with what is happening, but I cannot find anything to this effect.

If I find anything I will repost here. It would be greatly appreciated to hear anything you may find out as well.

Thank you!!

Hi there. The same happened. Any news please be aware. Thanks!

It related to the Astroport switch - Anchor have now posted a message in what to do within the ANC-UST LP section

Can you put a link to where this is? Thank you!

Here you go: Anchor

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
That message hadn’t come up on my protocol page yet… Again, thank you. I almost wet my pants.

Got it. Unclaim, claim rewards, remove from platform, start over fresh. Great new rate!!!

Thank you for posting that a message has now appeared. However, the system does not allow me to unstake or claim past rewards as the unstaking page has me listed as having 0 LP units. The message does show that I have LP units that are similar in number to what I staked originally. Any ideas how to proceed?

If you want to remove your LP to move it to Astro please use this link Anchor

Now that the Astroport migration has happened and if you hadn’t moved your LP position over to Astroport before this, any of your LP positions that were staked are still staked in the Terraswap contact. To access your LP position and claim any previous ANC rewards you can directly access the Terraswap-version of the Anchor WebApp at

Note that all your previous Terraswap LP tokens are still there, visible at the Terraswap version of the Anchor WebApp (see above). Your funds are safe.

If you are still having issues, please try clearing your cache.

Did you manage to get this resolved - I have the same issue?

Thanks clearing cache and accessing revealed my balance.

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I am having the same problem and my staked ANC-USD LP does not show even through the Terraswap-version of the Anchor webapp with my cache cleared and wallet connected.

Has anyone found another way to locate your staked tokens? ’

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!