Earning (20%) question

When Earning (20% APY), I don’t see anywhere ‘interest already earned.’ I only see ‘expected interest,’ even though I have already deposited my UST. Did I not complete a final step? Or is there not an option to see interest already earned? Thank you.

Earn > Total Deposit is currently described as “Total amount of UST deposited and interest earned by the user”. So it is the sum of initial deposit + interest earned.

When you deposit, you make an exchange of UST to aUST. The value of the aUST at the time doesn’t really matter (it’s not 1:1), but what does matter is that it’s value increases over time–which, it does.

It’s easy for the web app to display the current value of the amount of aUST you currently hold, but it would be more difficult to show your contribution amount and the interest as separate figures because the protocol would need to store an extra number (your contribution amount), which is not necessary to store on-chain.


this is helpful, thanks… do you happen to know why my Terra wallet says I have less aUST than I actually have in the Earnings? For example, if I have something like $1,114 in my Earnings on Anchor, but my Terra Wallet says I have around $983aUST. Thank you.

can I ask another question since you’ve been so helpful? why would someone (me) govern ANC only on Anchor, since it has a low 5%APR? as opposed to staking ANC/UST with a much higher APR. I guess someone who doesn’t have the UST to add to the pool? I have been staking the ANC only, but I think I should withdraw it and stake it to the ANC/UST so I can get a better return, right?

Hi Robbieo,

To your first reply,
Because the conversion between aUST to UST is not 1:1, but rather, constantly increasing (at a rate of ~20%/year), the amount of aUST you have doesn’t matter–all that matters is the value of that aUST you have.
The amount of aUST you have will not automatically increase over time; this is better because that computation for each depositer does not need to happen on-chain. Instead, the UST you could get back for that same amount of aUST is what increases.
I hope that is clear.

To your second reply:
To my understanding, owning ANC-UST LP should grow via LP mining (from Terra Swap fees), and then staking those LP tokens should yield high APR as ANC rewards (as shown in Anchor). Because of this, I see it as you do: that staking LP tokens yields much better return over ANC governance staking. I reckon that people stake ANC just for governance voting, but I have not staked ANC myself and I have not participated in governance voting as I’ve been undecided on Harpoon and saw more lucrative opportunities by using my ANC elsewhere (i.e., via ANC-UST LP staking).
Perhaps a team member can offer more insight here.

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is then delta between aUST and UST in total deposit (the amount you can redeem) the interest earned from the user perspective?