ANC ust lp stake

Hi all

I am pretty new in this space. And I might have missed the news but why isn’t my anc-ust lp stake no longer compounding interest rewards?

Tnx for the help

The LP rewards in ANC stopped on March 17. You still get Astro rewards and trading fees.

I completely missed that myself. Okay ASTRO rewards… Thanks!!

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yes but my anc compounding stopped? i was building anc after the 17th

why are they asking for my seed in the chat

Dont ever give your seed phrase to anyone. No matter how much they tell you need to.

Have you staked any ANC in the governance? Not the ANC/LP but just the ANC. It auto-compounds currently just above 9%.

the so called support pages tells me the only thing they can do is fix it manualy with my seed phrase but they wont get it

i have about 90 ANC in gov stake,

so i need to take The anc-UST LP stake out and find a better purpose?

Support pages where? I do believe someone is trying to scam you. Do not provide seed phrase or they will take over your wallet and empty it.

so i need to take The anc-UST LP stake out and find a better purpose?

Unless you are interested in Astro rewards, you can move it. I took what I had (very little) and staked it in just the ANC governance.

On this topic I got a answer from someone that pretend LD to be support with a chat link. This redirects you to a anchor ghost forum page( topics don’t open) that looks like the forum page. And then they try to make you connect with your seedphrase saying that that’s the only option to resolve a issue.