LUNA staking in Terra Station calculation

Can anyone explain the Staking Rewards calculation when LUNA is staked in Terra Wallet?

I am testing it, to see how it works, and I deposited 5 LUNA exactly 5 days ago, through a validator (Luna Maximalists) which has a “Commission” (APY ??) of 20%.

So (5 x 0.2) / 365 * 5 = 0.0137 LUNA (expected rewards after 5 days)

But actual staking rewards = 0.002765 LUNA (which is very close to what is expected per day)

So as you can see, this is not adding up.

Anyone perhaps have a link to the calculation mechanism or an explanation of this discrepancy? I have looked through all their links and cannot find it.


commission s how much validators keep to themselves off of staking rewards.

staking apr is same for everyone, you can check here

so to calculate your reward apply apr to your luna and subtract validator’s commission.