Is the interest rate always 20%

It does not seem to change. Is that because we are in the introductory period so it is high and fixed to incentivize depositors? Or is there a mechanism behind it?

I was watching this Youtube video on Terra, and the guy said that “Anchor’s yield is powered by steady staking rewards from multiple PoS blockchains, offering attractive and low-volatile interest rates on stablecoin deposits.” But if that is true, then the staking rewards will be in non-stablecoin tokens, which will introduce volatility in interest rates.

Any thoughts? thx

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The staking rewards are sold off for UST and distributed in UST

Hope that helps!

Thanks Do. Have a follow-up question on the mechanics: The collateral provided by borrowers is bLuna, which gives them the rights to the staking rewards. So then how is it that the staking rewards are used to pay the interest?

when you provide bLuna as collateral, you don’t get to receive the staking rewards from your bLuna. If you convert your luna to bLuna and didn’t provide collateral, you will get the staking rewards (without airdrops) in the form of UST. hope this helps

Thanks Veleron. Are you sure that bLuna dont get the MIR and ANC airdrops? I thought I read some place that they do

Token airdrops like MIR and ANC are not distributed to bLuna holders as of this date

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How likely is it, that the interest rate will drop? For example, I imagine the next bear market and lots of capital flowing out of the ecosystem and coin prices drop. Will the interest rate remain stable?

Where do token airdrops (MIR and ANC) go currently? It appears the Airdrop Registry is meant to handle this and there exists code to claim and swap them into UST. But I’m unable to find any transactions including these airdrops.
Have the Airdrops been unclaimed so far? Or do the airdrops get claimed and swapped but then sent elsewhere (i.e. NOT to bLuna holders)?

Today, is the first time I experience a rate below 20%. I guess this has to do with the massive dump of today.

No blaming at all, just curious how this happens. Because this is exactly the scenario I was curious to see happing. (What will happen if there is a massive dump/liquidation).

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Hmm… I thought the rates only change upon governance vote. Was there a proposal and vote?

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You can read up on Anchor’s deposit rate mechanism in the docs. Relevant sections are: