What is the real yield on Anchor collaterals? What is the yield reserve? Stats/Graphs?

  1. What is the real yield right now? Where can we see that?
  2. Are we in a situation where real yield > anchor rate OR real yield < anchor rate?
  3. Excess yields would go into “yield reserves” where can we see that? is that some kind of chart/graph to see how much yield reserves are we collecting and have accumulated?
  4. Can we see how much of the “protocol fees” are used to purchase ANC also?

Based on Terra smart stake dashboard, Luna staking APR is at 6.11%. Does it mean the real yield right now is: 17%? The collateral ratio now about 35%, so should be 6/0.35?

We need such info and stats on the webapp and dashboard. Why is it missing? If people knows what is the real yield on Anchor nobody would be asking questions like : “How do we pay 20% sustainably?”

Answered on TG. Copying here-

  1. As said yesterday, you will be able to see these values on Dashboard. For now you can calculate these: Terra staking yield * bLUNA/ (average LTV) plus interest rate charged * UST borrowed

  2. Real yield > Anchor rate and that’s why you are seeing yield reserve building up

  3. I think I shared the finder yield address yesterday. Here it is again: Terra Finder

You can track how the reserve is being built up by monitoring this address

  1. You can calculate ANC bought back as governance yield * ANC staked in governance
    Or as 10 percent of bLUNA collateral
    Again should be visible on Dashboard

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