ANC-UST LP underpaid rewards

I notice that the ANC-UST LP rewards have been underpaid since the release of COL 5, the rewards i’m recieving don’t match the APR when calculated manually. If I perform the same calc on my MINE-UST LP setup it matches the payouts proving the math.

Are you aware of this already? I notice that there is a TFL twitter post about something similair but it appears to be related to staking rewards only.

Thanks for creating a great ecosystem!


I am noticing the same thing. I have calculated the APY to be 49.5%. The dashboard should be updated to reflect the correct APY for LP staking. Does anyone have a different observation?

Try clearing your cache

Not helping! The ANC-UST APR is about 48.4% now
ANC rewards for borrowing UST is about 28% now. We could be making loss borrowing UST now.

“Due to the Columbus-5 mainnet upgrade, we are reindexing data shown on the webapp.
The values such as APR are subject to higher volatility and may be incorrect as there are less data samples. Values will smooth out and return to normal once the reindexing has been complete.”

Maybe it will show the correct APR soon? :smiley: