Earn tab accurate?

Hello. Sorry if this has been asked many times. i feel like once upon time I saw a Terra Bites video where the Earn tab display is not accurate.

This occurs when you use your deposited aUST as collateral in Mirror. It won’t show in the Anchor protocol anymore ? Is that still the case?

If so, how can one track if they are actually earning 19.46% on deposited assets. thank you so much

I am having the same problem. After using aUST on Mirror Finance, my deposits on Anchor reads $0. Have you found a solution? or Who to contact to get this fixed?

The Anchor WebApp only tracks for your deposits (aUST) held by your account. By using your aUST as collateral on Mirror, you’ve transferred your aUST over to Mirror protocol (technically tokens are now held by Mirror protocol and not you), and thus the deposit balance is not shown on the Anchor WebApp. The deposit balance should show up once you withdraw your aUST from Mirror to your Terra account.

This is not a bug, but more of a design decision.