Relation value between UST and aUST

Hi everyone,
I´m new to Anchor and I have my first question. I have in the earn accout a value of 132 UST and in my Terra account 110 aUST. I´m confused with these two values. How do they relate?.
Thanks for you time in reading and hopefully responding to this post.

When you deposit UST you get aUST back at the current price ratio, it’s currently around 1.20$, so if you deposit 100 UST you get 80 aUST back, but those 80 aUST are still worth 100 UST.

The way aUST works is by price appreciation, so every block the price oracle is getting adjusted based on the current EARN ratio. Now please note that the aUST ratio is only assured if you withdraw on Anchor, if you use some liquidity pool you’ll be subject to the free market price on that pool, should be pretty close but the best option is to use Anchor withdraw feature.

Hope this helps.


Thanks. I appreciate your time.