Newbie doesn't understand why he is getting nowhere near daily projected interest

Hi there. Any help gratefully received. I should be receiving the UST equivalent in dollars of a dollars amount in interest each day, but im only receiving cents. I invested last week. Anyone understand this? Is it because its compounded growth and to get my daily return of a few dollars I have to leave it there accumulating for a year? Thank you!

it is compounded constantly, but why do you think you should be receiving a certain amount?
there are estimations on yearly/monthly/weekly/daily earnings on the anchor earn page, have you seen them? or you disagree with them?
~19.5% is a yearly interest, not daily, you are aware of that, right?

No I don’t expect a certain amount. I am only using the earnings page estimations as a guide. My daily estimated rate is a few UST’s but Im only getting a few cents.

Im hoping that the daily estimation for what I have invested is a figure derived from a years worth of investing compounded. Otherwise Im not getting the correct return

alright, let’s look at example, so that it is clear.
is that how you determine your expected daily return?

Hi again. Yes that’s correct.

alright, so it shows you few dollars expected daily, but your deposit only increases by some cents in 24 hours - is that what you are seeing?
if that’s the case - it is something to look into, but i’ve never heard about anything like that.
you also know that rewards are autocompounding, right? meaning you are not getting explicit rewards, your deposit grows instead.

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Yes, that’s right.

Are you aware of any route to get help with this? Anyone that can be contacted?

you can find terra devs in terra discord sometimes!
could you check one last thing - do you have aUST in your wallet?
if you convert the amount of aUST in your wallet to UST according to the formula below - does it equal to the deposited to anchor earn UST amount?


what basically happens when you deposit UST to anchor earn - it is converted to aUST, which is self-appreciated asset (it grows in UST-value with time).
that happens for everybody in the same way, so only thing i can imagine in your case is that your UI somehow shows something not corresponding to reality.
if you refresh page, disconnect-connect wallet back - nothing changes?

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Thanks Alagiz this really helped me to work it out.

One last question if you have the time. Have you insured your deposit. The only option at the moment is quite expensive (realtive to the options that are now no longer available) currently.

I guess the hacking risk is there but you’d have to be extremely unlucky.

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oh, great, so all good with your earnings?
i personally didn’t get the insurance - depeg risk is very unlikely, i believe, UST proved itself several times already, always coming back to the peg in/after highly volatile conditions, so i accept that risk.
smart-contract hack is another risk, but the code was audited several times and was never hacked before, so i am inclined to rank this risk also as very unlikely.
but anything is possible, you of course better decide for yourself!

there is also by the way a scam risk, so better be careful there and avoid any dodgy websites, especially ones that ask for your seed phrase.


Cheers. thanks for all your help. yes all good i think.