Anchor Protocol has a strong brand. Please use it

Dear Anchor Protocol Admins,

despite all the bad things that happened to Anchor this year, it is still a very strong brand and it is the highest time to make it great again. People have short memory for past events, but good memory for strong brands. Abandoning the Anchor brand is irrational in my opinion. While Luna Classic community is working hard to make LUNC look great again, Anchor is sleeping. Anchor should join forces with LUNC in my opinion, adopt good things that are leftover from the old Anchor (webpage, community, connections, some code, etc), re-start social media activity, issue a few press releases and make a new fresh beautiful start. C’mon guys, you are geniuses. You can do it. Even if you don’t come up with a new revolutionary idea right away, you could imitate some of the ideas from other cool DeFI protocols, like Lido Dao for example. Since you have a strong brand, new activities will quickly pickup a lot of traction. Here are some of the benefits: the crytpo space will be stronger, the value of $ANC will go up, business will pick up, LUNC community will be happy etc…
There are many cases in the business world that a company after a fall, rose like phoenix from the ashes. You could even incentivize old investors to use Anchor again. There are endless possibilities.



–I’m not sure about this. And I think people SHOULD remember past harms to avoid them in the future. What happened with Luna was unforgivable–especially the way many in the community condoned it or tried to profit from it. All this demonstrated to many investors that there’s little difference between many of these big-name crypto projects that paint this fake picture of the-people’s-financial-revolution and the corrupt traditional finance system after all. Community members admonished people who’d lost their life savings that if they didn’t understand the protocol very well they had no business playing the game. So we shouldn’t be surprised if people now, especially with raging inflation globally, won’t play another finance game. And unfortunately, Anchor is part of the deservedly tainted Luna ecosystem. I wouldn’t invest a fraction of a cent in anything Luna-related, including Anchor, without strong safeguards and enforceable regulations. There are just too many predators out there otherwise. What’s the saying? Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

Yes thats right. I agree

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I absolutely support this Adam. Anchor, it’s time to shrug your shoulder put on the thinking hat you had been wearing for so long. There is nothing to say that this community can’t bounce back. Throw in a few more updates, let us know what you are doing to restore the faith in the people who backed you and continue to backing you.

Look at what Luna as done despite the recent events.

Anchor can only get better from here, learn from its mistakes and start growing the value of $ANC and the community as whole.

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Who is that supposed to be?



Exactly this possibilities in potential $ANC has makes it very interesting for future speculation with huge gains xD

Adam, I am afraid to say you are totally delusional. You say “despite all the bad things that happened to Anchor this year, it is still a very strong brand”…no it isn’t. Anchor was the leading LUNA protocol when times were good but they ended up just like LUNA. Their brand was good, but now it is trash- fact.

Only idiots have “short memory for past events”, rational people take in all new information & base their future decisions accordingly. A rational person would not touch Anchor with a barge pole.

You then state that the “Luna Classic community is working hard to make LUNC look great again”. Why would anyone be interested in something that only “looks” good if there are no strong fundamentals underneath?

I could go on but you increasingly sound like a desperate Donald Trump talking about making things “great again” and calling them “geniuses” (Trump referred to himself as a “stable genius”).

I too lost with LUNA & Anchor but I more level headed now & have learnt a valuable lesson. Stop drinking the kool aid.