What to do with ANC token

I know Anchor’s website is not even working at the moment. How come no one has talked about the fate of ANC token? Any compensation or even residual value goes to ANC holders/investors?


You are making a great point here! I’m still trying to put the pieces together after the tragic LUNA fall. Everywhere you read is all about LUNA blah blah blah, but nowhere is a single word from ANCHOR to say HEY community we are here for you and we will reimburse you for the loss that you may have had in Anchor protocol. I feel like a total loser right now, so I had a LUNA reimbursement which is not even close to what my wallet was worth prior to the attack. Anchor app gives an entirely delusional prespective on the fact that the UST is no longer anywhere near $1, and well ANC price is depressing to look at lol.

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Кроме мошенничества -ничего не вижу и хорошего не жду.
Потерял много денег.Компенсация Lunc и Luna.-просто посмещище.
Да и эти начисления вот-вот превратятся в ноль.
Биржа Binance только нагрела ручки на нас
Как впрочем и основатели этого развода.
2 000 ANC -буквально ничего не стоят.

I propose to pay ustc interest in anc token and then borrow anc tokens for other ustc. Sorry for the translation but I’m Italian

I will recommend you to pay USTC on anc token interest and after that borrow anc token for other USTC.

I give my best to participate in this post. Best Regards