Dear Anchor Protocol Administrators,

Dear Anchor Protocol Administrators,

Despite all the bad things that have happened to Anchor this year, it’s still a very strong brand, and now is the perfect time to make it great again. People have a short memory for past events, but a good memory for strong brands. In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense to abandon the Anchor brand. While the Luna Classic community is working to make LUNC look great again, Anchor is sleeping. I think Anchor should join forces with LUNC, take the goodies left over from the old Anchor (web pages, community, connections, some code, etc.), restart the social media campaign, put out some press releases and create a new fresh start. Come on guys, you are geniuses. You can do it. Even if you don’t come up with a new revolutionary idea right away, you can imitate some ideas from other cool DeFI protocols like Lido Dao. Since you have a strong brand, your new event will quickly attract a lot of people. Here are some benefits: the crytpo space will be stronger, the value of $ANC will rise, business will improve, the LUNC community will be happy, etc…
There are many cases in the business world where a company fell from the ashes like a phoenix. You can even incentivize old investors to use Anchor again. There are infinite possibilities.



@wangchao thanks for this write up. we can make anchor great again

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Agreed, Anchor devs could step up and salvage the situation and earn a ton of credibility. Instead they been missing since the meltdown and I think they cut and ran - that’s what it looks like.