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Dear Community members,

I am looking at what is going on for LUNC and USTC and it’s amazing. I wonder if we can do the same with Anchor protocol. I am calling for the leftover community to come forward and suggest a possible way forward for the Anchor protocol.

Waiting for you.


Thinking bigger, the one niche that Luna filled was having a chain that didn’t use inflationary means to reward stakers. It also allowed paying fees in stables and stakers earned stables. This was an underrated benefit.

What broke LUNA was the swap method.

I think there would be a good use case for a “financial blockchain” that had high security, allowed you to use stables to pay gas. Maybe any stable, or stables whitelisted by validator vote. Non inflationary base token, where the value was driven by the amount of traffic and how many stablecoin fees they generated for stakers.

On a chain like this, build out a whole suite of financial dapps, all driving use and where you didnt pay gas in the base token that you would rather stake and hold.

Anchor, if properly set up could be a big cornerstone of this. Maybe not insane yields generated by printing tokens, but a way to serve as a savings account and lending and borrowing platform. It could use a real market generated interest rate, not one manipulated by politicians.

I think the closest chain to this vision, and a logical home, would be Kujira’s new chain. It still needs to grow. If LUNA cant be rebuiltt in this form, then maybe KUJI to keep Anchor going?


People are still investing in Luna and Luna-related projects?

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The space left by Anchor protocol is still there for those that can grab it. I can see two ways. One is to create a new protocol that implements the good elements of Anchor. The second one is to take over Anchor and re-fund it.

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I wish you and the others luck. Until enough regulations and safeguards are in place to minimize the risk of future catastrophes like what happened to the Luna ecosystem this spring, many have lost faith in DeFi. Especially anything still associated with Luna.

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Anchor protocol should learn from Lido DAO,
Lido staking many tokens! We loss a lot in Anchor protocol and still they don’t have any update on Twitter or telegram they restricted chat in telegram group.whats going on anchor protocol team?tell us please :pray:t2:

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I can’t understand why the anchor platform has been abandoned. You have an amazing DEFI platform, great user interface, brand recognition (Everybody loves a come back story - Almost 100K followers on CoinMarketCap alone), Easy to distance the platform from LUNA\Terra saga, Still listed on most CEX, simply outsource the Earn to another reliable platform and just use your brand awareness to attract new users.

The come back story of Anchor protocol basically writes itself.


Totally agree with your point. There is still value in the Anchor protocol. I would guess right now there might be legal issues connected with the collapse of Luna and UST. I am looking at what is going on on terra classic. The community is taking over the project and working on a new jump start. Maybe we should do the same with Anchor.


Sounds great… how we start?!

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