Anchor - no way to contact support

All people are having issues withdrawing bAssets collaterals even if they repaid all their loans.

There is no way to contact them as they ask you do so in the error messages.

Discord - Server is locked down, you can’t join or post any messages or reach support there.
(Last announcement they made was the May 18, Luna 2.0 launch)… they never mention anything
about supporting Anchorprotocol community with the website issues

Github - Users keep bringing up their errors and concerns, but no one from team answering

Telegram channel – no one answers or posts anything and they blocked everyone from posting messages.

What are you all going to do…

As I said before bring up this issue in Twitter with Do Kwon @stablekwon and TFL… There is no other way to get quick resolution and support here.

And we are all sick of this Sandeep and other colleagues of his going around here posting for people to click his links or go to their fake and scam live support websites.

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