All people with Anchor problems Tweet to DoKwon

Guys, apart from venting the grievances here, take to Twitter and tweet to @stablekwon Do Kwon the real issue here with Anchor where people are not able to claim rewards nor get hold of their bAssets or repay loans. All of you support and spread this message through likes to get it more visibility and attention. There is such a deadlock that is happening here with all the protocols running on Terra Classic (not that any protocol exists on Terra 2.0 now). They need to get this resolved so people can get back their access to the Terra Classic ecosystem and do whatever is needed to claim back their Assets they put into it. They should not steel your bonded assets. Especially the bonded bEth, bAtom, bLuna or bAvax. There is no one other than Do Kwon who can be a catalyst to get some action happening here. They must know that this is a dagger hanging on their head and be more communicative to the community about the progress being made and their true intentions in not deserting or doing a rug pull on all the protocols without letting people retrieve their locked assets.