Someone is still alive?

Someone is still active in the community? If yes is there any plan to move forward with Anchor protocol? If not can a new crew take over using the governance mechanism?

Please let me know.


Looks like they have deserted. Its absolutely amazing, how a massive thriving community and infrastructure can dissolve so quickly. Most of us did not believe it was possible, esp with all of the side protocols.
I don’t know if they are continuing, but I have money to help with legal cases, since I would be glad to see them in prison. Tough call, but they need to be held to account.
Moving forward, I think the main thing has been to exit with as much remaining funds out as possible, clense, so Defi can continue without bad actors.


It’s great to see that someone is still around. The melting down was indeed incredible and it’s a matter of time for the new luna to follow the same path.

I am looking at the protocol and I wonder if we can take it away from these incompetent guys.

I am a investor (high yield bonds)

The governance system is still working and the price of ANC is so low.

Do you still have ANC?

It’s a risky bet but I believe this is better than to let it die without any fight.

I don’t even know if they will try to fight it back.



Yeah, so there is infrastructrure like ANC that is working to some extent, I dont have any ANC, but I am interested in Astroport and the other Atom/Cosmos based systems, esp the SCRT stuff. Atom obviously is established and will be watching.

I think the wash out has been good, albeit terribally painful and no amount of freedom speeches is going to say no regulation is a good thing anymore.

But I am shy of anything related to Terra or that has not cut ties to it.

Maybe ANC has more uses, tbh I have not had much to do with it.


i am new, sdasdasdas

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