What’s the future of ANC?

Please use this topic to share your thoughts about the future of ANC.
Should we keep holding the tokens?
Should we sell and pass to something else?

i am asking the same…

What should i do right now ?

Sell everything and save a little bit or wait for a miracle :frowning:

Ponzi schemes all end the same way, this will be no different.

Sell everything. This difficult event shows TFL do not really care about users and investors. They cannot be trusted.

@bitn8 said he will come back sometime this week with a plan of action on forums.

I’m not qualified to talk about the future for Anchor. But I recommend immediate ceasing of operations and hiring a lawyer to sort out the legal.

If from there, a path opens for restarting operations.

Is anchor registered as a corp or LLC? If not get on that right away to direct legal matters towards and not towards individuals as that can get extremely messy. Doesn’t matter where just find a country to obtain a legal standing.

This whole disaster is a fuck up with Anchor/LFG at the center of it. Doesn’t matter who believed in what. You can 100% bet your ass of TFL/LFG will be pointing fingers at Anchor and the Anchor team needs to be ready to point them back.

The biggest factor in all of it is LfG capitalized the yield reserve. Anywho start is ceasing operations and immediately obtaining a legal opinion. only after which dev team can advise community of next steps.

Do you guys remember when Lehman blew up? Well this is going to be the same liability so better buckle the fuck up.

Anchor/MIRROR/TFL/LFG are all run by DoKwon

In the following, I explained about the future of ANC: