So now what to do?

Greetings, Anchor Protocol users and community.

For the past 5 weeks whe have experienced many changes, as win and loss cases. First, Anchor became the most important Lending & Borrowing App on DeFi.

We have seen ATH Deposits, increase of users and supporters and community growth. Also, many polls have been approved that are beneficial and continuosly improving the project.

Nevertheless, the great value of the project hasn’t been reflected on token price. Value and price are two completely things, but they are strongly correlated. So, 2 things are possible:

  1. The erratic market has ignored the project value that Anchor brings to crypto ecosystem.

  2. There are flaws and problems on Anchor that are being ignored or at least not considered as they should.

That brings My question, SO NOW WHAT?

Do we just sit and wait for the erratic market to keep giving what it considers a fair value of the project reflecting it in the token price?

Or, do we take action by making new polls needed for the flaws and problems that we have highlighted many and many times on this Forum?

I have seen Community proposals and made my owns, so feel free to comment and as long as I see support, I will risk my $ANCs creating a Poll.

Thanks for reading.

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I m considering statement, view, for the poll votes.

There is a big proposal from Jump capital coming on capital controls. This will probably garner most of the major staking holders support as they worked with major stakeholders and community members.

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There’s been no discussion or even mention of it until now to community. Any reason why it’s not even open for discussion and is being kept so hush hush between insiders only with no disclosure of what it even is to or discussion by the community? Things should be discussed and disclosed before being put up for a vote.

It’s going to be brought to the community from the community. Stakeholders like Jump are part of the community and have research teams that do research for various protocols like Anchor. They have community input by reading the forums and past proposals and seeing why they have failed.

No need to worry. This will be brought to the forums when they are done doing their research. Teams like this are free to do what they want behind closed doors and bring it to the public when ready, which is exalty what they are doing.


Thanks for clarifying.

Looking forward to it!

Capital controls sounds ominous. Is this a response to the declining APY, with competitors opening up 20% APR platforms on other protocols?

Just go other platform, if you think they can also success

Thank You for your advice.

But its not about jumping from project to project until You find a perfect one. Because there isn’t one.

Its about making polls and we as a Community and investors vote for changes to make it better.