What do you want to share in our Anchor Protocol tutorial?

as people with the most affection or involvement in Anchor protocol,
what do you think our in-depth Anchor video should contain?

I’m from Terra Movie Club, a Terra NFT project based on watchparty, content creating.

Because our community is pretty diverse and has quite a lot of members joining from non-crypto background, we recently created a Terra Luna tutorials to make onboarding experience as easy possible for the beginners. And since Anchor being very important part of Terra we made several episodes dedicated to Anchor.

The first few episodes on Anchor contain the most basic part of Anchor.
But since the community seem to like the tutorials, we are thinking of creating more in-depth videos and that will involve deeper look at Anchor too.

So, as people with the most affection or involvement in Anchor protocol,
what do you think this second batch of in-depth Anchor video should contain? :slight_smile:

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Hey @jinascreena, thanks for your work!

I guess two areas of focus that would be most useful to the protocol would be

  1. borrowing on Anchor and related strategies.
  2. an overview of governance and how to participate in the forum, discord and AMA calls.

Looking forward to the content you’ll put out!


How about explaining why people need to deposit Ethereum in anchors and how to do it?

  1. Obviously, there will be many people who just leave Ethereum alone.

  2. If there are more Ethereum deposits, it seems to be able to solve the anchor’s deficit. (This is not accurate. If anyone knows, please answer)

that’s interesting. I’m intrigued.

I decided to ask this forum because deeper dive for people who are not native to crypto is a tricky but interesting challenge…
so in a way, well-balanced(meaning transparent in it’s logic) opinion piece plainly laid out could be a way to go.

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This is great!

What about also covering how aUST accrues value. This question gets asked a lot from newbies all the way up to protocol leads!


Hey @jinascreena - thanks for jumping in here.

My opinion would be to defer to @bitn8 or @ryanology045 for input. They have more experience with direct inquires about the protocol.

I am not sure if you have covered this already but taking a step back and walking users through wallet creation, seed phrase management, and how to connect to sites such as Anchor is invaluable.

I find that Terra puts more of a premium on (and functionality within) Terra Station than other wallets. This may be due to the majority of competitors on other networks being third-party created.


@bitn8 Thanks for the great input. I think that’s prob what people might be most curious about and willing to dig into!

@fig And we haven’t actually covered that yet. I think that could very well be additional how-to video.
Happy to have asked this forum :wink: