Anchor AMA (Nov.): Post your questions here!

Hello everyone,

The next Community AMA with the Anchor team is being worked on and should soon be scheduled (tentatively: last week of November, early December). In order to make the best use of everyone’s time, we’d like to gather questions here and invite everyone to follow a few guidelines:

  • Please condense your thoughts into a single one-line question.
  • Do not post duplicate questions, instead leave likes on questions already asked. We’ll start by addressing questions that got the highest number of likes.
  • Questions should be more about the future strategic direction of Anchor, the opportunities and threats - not the basics of how Anchor works. For that, you can refer to the FAQ in Anchor’s telegram chat . You may also check the debrief of the previous AMA to see if your topic has already been addressed.

We’re also trying to set-up a bi-weekly call with the team, more details on that later.


Can the team share the draft Anchor v2 specs asap? One could be worried that otherwise the proposal will be presented as “take it or leave it” and forced through govt voting without time for community input. In particular, I want to learn more about what the “dynamic Anchor rate” is (source).


I was surprised by the aUST-UST pair being available from 14th Nov. Was it official movement that Anchor protocol wants to go? If not, the pair should be banned, I guess…

aUST-UST pair in coinhall

What do you think about setting an audit timeline for 2022? For instance - 1q: ozone test / 2q: liquidation test / 3q: general stress test under 3 sigma event / 4q: code, api and 3party connection test

What is the current resource allocation? (for instance 80% of devs focused on X)

Current yield reserve is rising around 0.3m per day. How much reserve do you estimate is good to have (100/200m?) / need to have (50/100m)?

Integrations are obviously the needed catalyst. But banks/fintech maybe lack integration know how. Do you see this as problem or will you solve it with good documentation?

What are your thoughts regarding Astro proposal?


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the questions coming in already. If you have more than one question please make 1 post for each question. This way people can vote on the question individually by liking it and it stays cleaner and avoid duplicates.

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There seems to be some low hanging fruit in the recent discussions around short-term enhancements. I tend to think majority would be behind each, thoughts on a seperate proposal and release of the following below that could be pushed at a much quicker pace??

  1. new price oracle contract
  2. bANC
  3. Dev bounties via bounty contracts

Also, update on OZONE and bATOM status (complete and under audit or in still in development)??


Do you plan on improving the current documentation for the Anchor code. At the moment it is not quite up to scratch with industry standard?

Why is the yield reserve rising so slowly despite Anchor’s huge success? I am concerned because in a bear market winter, you will see alot of outflows and collateral value collapsing so we need more yield reserve for rainy days. What can be done to improve the situation?

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Why is $ANC price still so low despite Anchor’s success? What improvements can be made to pump up $ANC price or are too many $ANC being farmed and hence it is suppressing the $ANC price?

Why are there so many $ANC being printed? Too much supply, too little burn. The balance is off, resulting in a depressed $ANC price. What can be done to address this?

With the degenbox strategy in your collab with abracadabra can you tweak the mechanism so that the requirement to move UST to ETH network is not required. I am hoping to be able to use the degenbox without moving my deposited UST. I hope this is technically possible. This would definitely increase TVL. Thanks!

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Does Do Kwon / TFL have overarching power over Anchor due to the $70 million funding from TFL to replenish the reserve? Do Kwon was threatening to fire the whole dev team due to slow progress (and even Ryan), Overall Terra projects’ progression is very slow relative to other chains (not just anchor) but i don’t see Do go around and threaten to fire other projects’ team (like mirror / pylon, etc). Is this culture of fear bad for employees?


how do you plan sustainability of anchor during the next, possibly incoming, bear market when it won’t be anymore possible to offer a positive net rate on the borrow side?

It’s all about scalability!


The focus should be on:

  • current development status which is WIP e.g : chainlink oracle integration
  • any improvements for ANC v2. On this topic many of the potential improvements have already been discussed on this forum but which of the ideas will be adopted by the team? IMO we shouldn’t have a timeline now and we should avoid questions like ‘when’ as we don’t know the nature of the improvements.

As Anchor adds more types of collateral the exposure to assets with lower staking rewards will increase over time, which will put pressure on the yield reserve. What do you think is the best way to address this issue and make Anchor interest rate more sustainable?

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Do you think that high-leverage strategies like Degenbox from Abracvadabra are net benefit to Anchor or not? One might be concerned that this will put undue pressure on yield reserves and redirect a lot of the ANC rewards to those who leverage up irresponsibly.


What is the current cost or running Anchor as an organisation and where this cost is coming from? Is some part of collected interest redirected to Anchor management? I think it would be beneficial for all to understand how this works.

Are devs considering on accepting LP as collateral and enabling self-repaying loans ?

When can we expect ANC on OSMOSIS?

What deep and native integrations can we expect on Anchor? When will Lido be complemented with other liquid staking providers?

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