Showing Total Interest Earned Over Time

Hi guys!

Great job on Anchor.

I have a suggestion to show the “total interest earned” over the life time of the account. Right now we do show the projected interest, but showing the total interest earned is a very informative and “feel good” metric for the user that I think will further incentivise usage.


I agree on the usefulness of this data. We do have plans to make revisions to the current Anchor WebApp and adding this one of the consideration (though we’ll need some time to implement as the calculation logic is quite complex and contains a lot of exception cases).


Alright! Thanks for the update @ryanology045

Looking forward to it.

Thanks, @ryanology045 , sounds great. @davidkohcw , I had the same thing in mind and suggested (Canèt remember where). I support this suggestion 100%.
@ryanology045 , in addition to showing interest earned, could you included a what-if calculator that allows a user to input a deposit scenario showing them how much potential interest they could earn.

Seems like a good feature to have.

Did this feature request ever gain any traction?

You can visualize your earnings by using this dashboard