Show Anchor Treasury on Dashboard

Something that I think would be good for governance, would be to show the anchor treasury on the dashboard. Right now I can see that there are 3x as much collateral as deposits. This to me is great news, but I’d love to see how much $$$ is building up in the treasury.

And also, when we have $$$ sitting in the treasury, how is that being used?

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The Community Pool Contract is here I think. Or it can lead you to the contract. terra12wk8dey0kffwp27l5ucfumczlsc9aned8rqueg

We are in midst of creating a new, advanced dashboard that will display much more data including the size of Anchor’s yield reserve. Coming soon :wink:

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Will there be an Anchor app anytime soon where we can see all this data and make withdrawals and deposits. Being able to buy UST directly from that app to immediately deposit would be much less daunting for the average person. Right now it’s way too technical with too many steps…for a newbie for sure…and mass adoption so the goal. Love Kash.Io demo but will there be a direct app for Anchor?

Then of course insurance…maybe an opt in/out at a 2-4% of interest earned automatically taken out. The more you put in the more that becomes so the percentage shouldn’t fluctuate by amount. This is obviously THE game changer and what’s keeping most people out right now. But it has to be cheap or it won’t work.

Also in the US the IRS is cracking down so having easy to access tax info or spreadsheets would be amazing.

This has the potential to literally change so many lives and I’m so excited for it. I want to be an evangelist for this but we got to get there first! Let’s make this the best it possibly can be!:slight_smile: Thank you for everything you’ve done so far!

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Hi Guys, is there any update on this? I was wondering if there is any “go to” place with data about ANC - if yes can you share? Noticed that you mentioned collateral number - where can i find them? Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Anchor is the way to go

Anchor’s yield reserve is already being displayed on the new dashboard.

Not sure on what you mean by collateral number though