Restore emergency latch for UST

We should take UST in Anchor “EARN” contract and mint ANC
Stake 3 days at Spectrum with LP pair ANC-UST
After 3 days, we have a profit of ~2% (61.400.000 UST and 60.000.000 ANC interest)

Burn ANC and bring UST to the contract, 61.400.000 UST to YIELD RESERVE. Anchor’s job is just to raise interest rates to 19.5%.

If you have any questions, you can comment.
If you are rich person give me 0.5 UST as gas fee to submit proposal or you can send proposal directly
My terra wallet: terra12m34ru7wmvqr3hmg278lzlzzxp3zhtv7fkgugu

300 billion UST market cap? I’d love to see that. Please read what you wrote before you post lol

Statistics of money

TOTAL VALUE LOCKED: $9.706.549.685
Total Deposit: $7.228.835.937
Total Collateral: $2.477.713.748
Total Borrow: 1.074.601.116 UST

Yield statistics

Anchor yield reserve: 180.553.688 UST
UST rewards daily: 4.042.357 UST/day
Number of days left: 45 day
APY Year: 20.41%
APY in June: 16.51%

Collateral Value: 2.409.844.441 UST

bETH: $1.298.740.000
bLuna: $
wasAVAX: $37.470.000
bATOM: $5.530.000

ANC Tokennomics

Circulating Supply: 344.422.825 ANC
Market Cap: 353.132.105 UST
ANC BUYBACK: 7.674.615 ANC

Oh, I mistyped. Thanks for the reminder

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