Anchor Holders Loss Compensation

Hello everyone,

As we are all watching the different scenarios for UST & LUNA holders, ANC holders are left out.
Without us holding ANC tokens, the protocol wouldn’t have any market cap.
Several plans of recovery / bail out / reimbursment are being discussed on agora.terra to help people who lost money recover their losses.
I’m not a specialist nor an expert, i’m only a descend retail investor. I suggest that ANC holders create a proposal to lock the yield reserve money (175M as of today) and distribute them on ANC holders who lost money during this crash.
What do you think? Any action plan to move forward?

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to be able to make UST (USTC) repeg to $1, it needs to be backed by assets worth $1. In that case, the Terra team would need to raise probably shit tonnes of capital to back the UST… unless they buy back the entire supply, alter the total UST supply and back them with assets… say only have $1billion of UST supply backed by $1 billion worth of assets.

I doubt they could raise $18 billion to back the $18billion UST supply 1 for 1…