[Release] bRektd - A CLI for Anchor Liquidations

Hello frens,

After some of the recent behavior from the Kujira team myself and some others decided we need to prioritize alternative opensource interfaces to manage liquidations on Anchor. Today i am releasing bRektd a CLI for Anchor liquidations.

bRektd provides all of the basic functionality needed to interact with Anchor liquidations . The interface is fully documented with examples in the readme.

Check it out : GitHub - Papi94/brektd: A CLI for Anchor liquidations


Thank you for this! I’ve been looking for something similar for a while!

Someone shared this on twitter. Similar thing, but haven’t yet tried it. https://terratoolbox.com/

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Yep im working with those guys. TerraToolbox will eventually be a fully functional webui for liquidations.


here’s another one, with a pretty solid UI: https://anchor-guard.xyz


Lighthouse Defi will also be launching soon. I have seen their platform and it looks pretty good.


https://terratoolbox.com and https://anchor-guard.xyz UIs both contain sufficient functionality for users to interact with the anchor liquidation queue contract.

what steps are needed to get them linked on the anchor webapp?

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Wondering the same. @bitn8 ?


Maybe a Pull Request on the Anchor WebApp its open source anyone can add there the links…that should not be more then 5 min of work when you can do React. Don’t know who would be allowed to merge the result into the main branch …

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looks like terra toolbox is PR’d!

So there is no official way to get listed on the website. TFL can’t be the gatekeeper because this is decentralized and it’s up to the community. Having to pass the prop vote is too much.

IMO we need to find out how to make sure that unreliable liquidators don’t get listed?

Do we know who is behind this one and is there any solid testing behind this?

That’s great. Looking forward to that.

I did use it and it does work. Checked also that the right contract get called before signing. But i don’t know the owner. The code is open source.


Thanks Papi, you rock.