Python SDK for Anchor?

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had written a Python3 sdk equivalent for anchor.js or the cli. I’m a professional programmer but new to crypto and blockchain. It seems like there is a lot of complexity associated with interacting directly with the blockchain which could be abstracted away via an SDK.

Has anyone started on this? If not, could this be a community supported initiative?

I think Python would be a good choice to help spur adoption.

I haven’t seen one, although the AnchorHODL script lays some groundwork. Great idea!

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Right now there aren’t any Python SDKs for Anchor, but will be great if one could be created.

I’d say this is worth a community supported initiative. Terra has a Python SDK of its own, Terra SDK, which could be connected up with Anchor’s Python SDK.

But before we proceed with actual development, it’ll be great for the community to properly understand the benefits of having an Anchor Python SDK - @snuffles753 do you mind compiling a short list for this?