Change liquidations tab


So at this point there seems to be a war on liquidations interfaces, because of what some might consider unfair fees on the use of publicly available smart contracts that are the work of anchor community/devs. Plus banning of users that use other platforms to do their tasks or interact with the contracts directly.
For the benefit of everyone (while remaining impartial to the dispute) the UI on liquidations should now show the other solutions available like:


(add bellow if there’s more suggestions)

The anchor protocol liquidations are one of most relevant for the function of the protocol, hence this should not be gatekept.

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Agreed. I just want to make sure we are not listing anything that puts users’ funds at risk.

As a community, can we assemble contact info (anonymous names if needed) and vote on what ones that should be added?

Anchor worked with Kujira exclusively to build out the liquidation interface. So the narrative that the fees are being slapped on the hard work of anchor devs is untrue. The relationship is close and hence the direct endorsement. Users were banned because they used a tool to access the Orca interface but bypassed paying the fees. The other tools you’ve presented are not audited and are relatively new. Therefore, they’re too risky to use and better to use a battle tested protocol like Kujira.

terratoolbox’s open-source codebase executes the correct contract messages; i am sure other devs (anchor/tfl-side as well) can confirm this. the author apparently works for nebula now.

there is a (probably big) segment of users without the technical capability/motivation to review code, and overall just feel safer paying for a service; kind of like fiji bottled water vs free tap water. nothing wrong with that.