Developing on top of Anchor

Hello all,

I’m a fairly experienced dev with some Rust experience and a heavy background in security.

I’m looking to move into developing more on DeFi - I’ve written a bunch of solidity contracts, but I believe Terra is where the future is, and I’d like to start developing here.

What I’m looking for is any resources you’d recommend, and possibly also a mentor who’d be prepared to help me on this journey.

I’m very self motivated and do my own research, but it’d be more fun to work with someone, or even as part of a small team.

tldr; would anyone like to work and learn together, and do you have any resources you’d recommend?


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Hey @aftermath - I think a great way to start is to read the smart contracts of Anchor and Mirror, and go understand how the implementation functions.

On a sidenote, feel free to reach out to me on TG (@ryanology045)