Lunatics! Ukrainian people desperately need your support

Hi friends. My name is Anton. I am a humble degen and early anchor believer from Ukraine. (I don’t want to publicly post my acc, but I can prove it to the core team). We have a pretty big lunatic community here.
I know that many of you are focused on Anchor wars. A few days ago, I was also thinking of veTokemics. But as far as you know, Russians invaded our country.
They are destroying our homes, killing our innocent people.
You can quickly look at Twitter what is going on. It is terrifying to be here. You do not feel safe anywhere. You don’t know whether you will see the next morning.
I know how supportive lunatics are.
Show the support to Ukraine on social media. Tag your government, and NATO officials ask them to support Ukraine.
You can send funds to:

  1. Come back alive | Army Aid Charitable Foundation - trusted volunteers.
  2. - link to support through Ukrainian crypto exchange.
  3. I created luna account for AID. If you donate UST or tokens, I will give you screens and proof of how I spent every cent to support refugees, medicine, and the army.

You can contact me here or in DM


Thank you for the links,
I will pass on the luna address there is just no way to ensure the funds are used for their intended purpose, maybe you could partner with an organization to accept luna donations for Ukraine. It’s just too difficult to ensure funds are used appropriately without a trusted third party.
Am fully comitted to donations ensuring civilian safety at this time.

I understand your concerns. I would be happy if my post would make you send through the first two links.
I will offer organizations to accept Luna. But for now it is all options what i have.

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