Luna/UST positive media campaign ideas

Dear Community,

We have been attacked. The barbarians are at the gate and continue to fire on us with misinformation/FUD. They want to kill us/community and Luna/UST because it is a threat to centralization. Let’s fight! We need everybody to be calm over the next 7 to 14 days while we work to repeg. How do we get there?

What if we organized a positive social media campaign to combat the FUD. It’s so one-sided with everybody freaking out.


  • How about a campaign focused on UST pegging in the coming weeks and how investors will rake up profits during this time. ? Focus area is getting back to peg. That is what we should instill in everyone’s mind. Not if, but when we repeg. Ideas?
  • How do we fight these bastards back and organize the community in a social media firestorm of positive possibilities?
  • How do we combat FUD?
  • Why are we not organizing against the attackers online? Demonizing them and highlighting how they “almost killed” the chain?
  • Why is Do not saying anything on Twitter? We need little bits of positive reinforcement. We know this is hard on him too.
  • How can we organize together on Twitter and start demonizing the barbarians behind this? Blackrock acts as an arm for the government and central planners.

More Ideas:

  • Find major LUNA/UST holders/influencers to highlight a strong community.
  • Highlight how to profit from low prices on LUNA and UST.
  • Planned postings on Twitter that Do retweets.
  • Bull markets make you money, bear markets make you rich! Buy LUNA/UST!
  • Don’t sell your Luna/UST. Here is why…
  • Investors circling LUNA for reentry at prices better than the VC’s got.?
  • Buying up Luna now is better than an ICO
  • Speculators scoping up Luna in preparation of repeg
  • LUNA/UST community plan to expose Blackrock (or whoever did this)
  • LUNA/UST will survive. Those behind the attack will be exposed.

There was hope yesterday. Today people are freaking out. We have a big community, so let’s leverage it. We will repeg. We will repeg! Let’s spread that message of hope.

Trying to spark the conversation and pull one idea from above that we can focus on. Much better than watching the pain continue and doing nothing.


It’s over. It was a ponzi scheme. Kenny at Citadel won the war. 11 billion UST that Kwon calls “bad debt.” Lawsuits are coming. People are going to jail.

Do Kwon deleted all tweets that could get him in trouble, including telling people that UST is already backed by $10B in bitcoin, which was not true.