Legally,Terra should make the UST $1

  1. UST is a stable coin and should be worth 1$. This is what we were promised.
  2. The logo includes the USA flag. The name evokes USD.
  3. Stable coins are risk-free investments.
  4. I just wanted to protect my savings with a low interest.
  5. If I wanted risk, I would put my investment in Luna. My loss would be just as fair as my gain.
  6. You should not deceive us small investors.
  7. Do not let the hard-earned people of the world lose their faith in coins.
  8. Be honorable, earn respect first, then success…

great post bro, but the worst on the fall of UST/LUNA was the fall of so many great projects like ANC, MIR, pylon, loop etc…so many wasted hour of lifetime and skill…what a waste !