Final words on this forum

I was part of the lunatics team until now. And I’m not quitting because 50% of my portfolio value is gone to the depegging. There are way bigger concerns here.

You can point at others, market conditions, shorters, Putin, whoever, but that doesn’t change a thing:
1 UST can NOT be swapped for $1 worth of LUNA.

That mint/burn mechanism was the most important feature of Terra, the first page of whitepaper, the core of everything. And it turned out to be an outright lie.

They could have saved UST and LUNA if and only if they do not deliberately set the spread to somehow prevent sellers. If spread stayed zero, at least UST would be $1 now, and even if LUNA fell, there wouldn’t be that much blood on the streets.

LUNA is going to zero from now on. It could’ve been saved, but with UST having 3x market cap of LUNA, choose who and what to lose. I’m no longer gonna be the sucker here, I quit.

And not because I lost a bunch of money. Because I’ve been lied to.

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Can you explain why the Luna-UST arbitrage is not working? What I heard is there was a daily limit to the mint burn: $100 million dollars per day.

That would explain why UST market cap hasn’t decreased much except for the the decrease in price (not much UST seems to have been burned so far)

The sad fact is that it could never have worked in these conditions. It would send LUNA into a rapid hyper inflationary death spiral without these controls in place.

The real issue is that growth took precedent above sound risk management, and here we are…

The daily limit implies the drain of the virtual liquidity pool, causing a spread so big that if you trade on terraswap, you lose. 100 million in comparison to tens of billions is basically nothing.