UST-LUNA Question

Hallo all, I think I need some clarifications,

Previously The PEG of UST was obtained mainly Minting and burning Luna.

At the moment UST is below 0,01 so we should see a lot of new luna token minted every day in order to burn UST.

But for what I’ve understood this is not the case so I’ve to conclude that the UST-LUNA mechanism has been Halted.

So the questions are :

Will this Mechanism ever restart ?

if not how will UST slowly regain its PEG ?

Is there any other mechanism thar will be put in place to make it regain the peg ?

I tought that the chain would have been halted forever after the attack but the software is still running and Binance is still listing UST so is there a future for the TERRA CLASSIC chain ?



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whatever validators are left once the dumpster fire is over will decide wtf we end up doing with the chain.
Most likely it’ll become the state of the art world class blue chip meme chain. Better than shiba, doge, and everything else before it.

I’ll make a meme UST that is at peg for a little while until its instability collapses it again. It’ll be fuuuun.

Even better, I’ll collateralize it with the junk UST we have right now. at $1 per. We can have a concentrated liquidity pool on astro port. Double fuun.