Is ANC in ERC20 real?

Depending on the exchange, the chain used to transfer ANC may be both Terra and ERC20, or only ERC20.
My understanding is that ANC is a Terra blockchain, but is ERC20 ANC also legitimate?

There is an ERC-20 version of ANC - can you share the token address? will confirm

Thanks for the reply.
After I posted here, I learned.
I found out that ANC has both ERC20 and Terra as you said.
Thank you very much.

Thanks for the reply.
Like you, my understanding was that the only ANC chain was Terra, but I did a lot of research.

I understood that ERC20ver is a so-called wrapped token.
Thank you very much.

The ERC20 version of ANC can be viewed at:

This ERC20 token uses Terra’s Shuttle bridge. Token address is also cross-checkable at Shuttle’s GitHub repo: GitHub - terra-project/shuttle

Btw he is the real Do Kwon


Thanks Ryan - i’m definitely stupid :joy: