What is the future of ANC and USTC staking after LUNA2?

After the Luna version 2 launch, what is the future of ANC, LUNAC and USTC ? Are these completely unusable trash? Are there any ecosystem left that will justify the existence of these tokens?

He is fake DK. Don’t trust what he said and sell your UST at the bottom.

Hello Stablekwon, I see you know about the crypto world subject. Please help me here;
What will happen to the ANC crypto? I invested all my capital on May 25 to 0.35 and today I am already losing half of what I invested. Will it continue to drop or will it go up again at some point? Is it possible that it goes up to 0.40 or is the price of ANC going to 0? Thanks

But could be possible to have one more green daily candle and price reaches 0.20 or not possible you think?